Essex Bay Engineering's orbital welding provides a reliable seal required for gas and liquid application

Automated Orbital Welding at Essex Bay Engineering

It is very difficult to achieve the highest standards of quality and safety using manual welding, especially on tubing.  This is due to varying positions required to weld round and bent tubing that require a welder to change positions while welding to acces the whole surface.  Each time a welder changes his position mid-weld, it creates an opportunity to generate a point of failure.  That's why Essex Bay Engineering has a dedicated station for automated orbital welding to ensure high quality welds on tubing ranging from 1/8" - 1½".

Our approach produces a continous uninterrupted weld ensured by computer controlled efficency.  A welder monitors and controls the process via software, but the welds are accomplished in a robotic fashion that is fully automated. Each and every weld is then inspected and pieces are selected at random to undergo QA.

Benefits of automated orbital welding:

  • Repeatable Welds
  • Reduced points of failure
  • Streamlined production
  • High Purity