Extruded fittings are more economical and far more reliable than welding a 'T' fitting

Extruded Fittings at Essex Bay Engineering

A typical 'T' in any kind of tubing presents 3 point of failure opportunities for each fitting placed on a line. 'T' fittings are also labor intensive and add to the overall cost of a project because you have the additional expense of the fitting. We handle a lot of steel tubing at essex bay and wanted to approach these issues from a different angle, so we developed a unique process using custom made tooling for extruding a fitting from a solid piece of tubing that reduces production time, increases reliability and is more econonomical than traditional solutions.

The tooled solution  and process that we came up with can be used in the manufacturing process, and is also portable enough to be used on pipe and tubing that are already in place.  Our extruded tubing solution eliminates the need for a fitting, is faster than welding and reduces the number of potential failure points from three to one. All-in-all, using extruded fittings hits your bottom line at production time and lowers the cost of maintenance in the future.