Essex Bay Engineering Light Assembly Pods consolidate and streamline the production process.

Light Assembly at Essex Bay Engineering

At Essex Bay Engineering, we can bring it all together for you! We're pleased to offer value-added light assembly services to all of our clients. We can manufacture each piece of an assembly and pass them on to our assembly team, who in turn fopllow detailed production instructions in order to deliver a completed unit that has passed Quality Assurance throughout the manufacturing process.  We'll even work with other manufacturers to get your project completely assembled before delivery.  Light Assembly cuts down on time to deadline, equipment costs, personnel costs and overal manufacturing costs Give us the opportunity to deliver a completed unit and you'll see the result in your bottom line.

Need examples of assemblies here.

Benfits of using our light assembly services include:

  • Better Quality Control
  • Higher Quality
  • ISO Certified Production
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • On-time delivery
  • Flexibility
  • Better communication
  • Creative solutions
  • Familarity
  • Responsibility/Culpability
  • Industry expertise
  • Attention to detail
  • Accuracy
  • Real Time Problem Solving in Production
  • On the spot custom engineering
  • Inventory loss reduction
  • Dedicated work cellsP
  • Production Efficiency