Essex Bay Engineering delivers projects that meet or exceed specified qulaity standards

Quality Assurance

Delivering quality product is the highest priority at Essex Bay Engineering. We are known for delivering projects that meet or exceed specified quality standards and pride ourselves in the results we achieve.  Two QA stations are on site, one in each building, equipped with the latest and greatest quality assurance equipment. One QA room meets clean room standards.

Production time QA is paired with post-production QA to avoid unnecessary expenditures and to keep your project on track. We develop custom QA plans to meet client needs. Personel are trained to follow exacting procedures designed to catch the slightest abberations.

At Essex Bay Engineering we believe that QA starts with your idea.  We use the best software to model your product. We inspect all our raw meterials, and purchase product from reliable sources. We vigorously maintain our machines and tooling to keep imperfections to a minimum. We inspect through production, and in post production usin the finest quality inspection hardware available.  Working as a team, with quality as our number 1 priority, Essex Bay Engineerin delivers the quality that you expect, and deserve.