Essex Bay makes custom tooling solutions to facilicate specialized production lines

Tooling at Essex Bay Engineering

Sometimes it takes a special tool to create the product you want, but what if the tool you need has never been made before?  Essex Bay Engineering will make your tools! Tooling requires just about all aspects of the manufacturing process because you are actually making a new product!  We tackle such situations with confidence and experience to create the tool required to complete your job. We have the equipment on site to create just about any kind of tool, and can engineer a tool from scratch - from idea to finished product.  Your specific tool need may be creating a fixture for another tool, a work holding device or a combination of the two to fabricate parts. With technology such as 3D Solid Modelling and 5 Axis CNC Machining, paired with our skilled tool makers, we can quickly develop tools with pinpoint accuracy, even if it incorporates complex shapes.