Facilities List

Experience, Quality, Technology

Our growing facility has a complete list of equipment ranging from the best Mazak equipment available to tools we make ourselves to our clients’ job specs.

We currently occupy three buildings on one property.  Building one houses a full 5 axis machine shop, admin, quality, and shipping, building two our weld and fab shop and building three waterjet cutting which services both machine and weld shops.

Engineering and Design

All CNC Equipment Supported With PRO-E, Kubotek Key Creator (CADKEY), CAMWorks, and Mastercam software. Routing, Estimation & Document Control Using E2 Shop Systems.

3D Modeling/2D Drawings

Reverse Engineering of Existing Parts

Prototype CNC Machining

Production Machining

CNC Turning Equipment

(2) Mazak QT 8: Capabilities, 8-inch diameter by 11 inches long

Quickturn 200 with Milling Capability

Mazak QT 10 Capabilities, 10-inch diameter by 12 inches long

Mazak Mill-Turn 12 Capabilities 18-inch diameter by 12 oal w 3 axis drilling and milling

(2) Mazak Integrex 100 Full 5 Axis Turning and Milling up to 10 inches

(3) Mazak Integrex 200 Full 5 Axis Turning and Milling up to 16 inches

(2) Mazak Integrex 200 with Back Spindle and Turret Full 5 Axis Turning and Milling up to 12 inches

1 Serviced By GL Robot Automated Load and Unload.

   – (1) Mazak Integrex 150 W Full Secondary Milling Vise and Automated work Handling

   – (1) Mazak Integrex J300 Full 5 Axis Turning and Milling up to 22inches

Manual Turning Equipment

2 Hardinge Chucker: Capabilities, 6-inch diameter by 5 inches long

Birmingham Lathe: Capabilities, 21-inch diameter by 40 inches long

Birmingham Lathe: Capabilities, 8-inch diameter by 20 inches long


(2) Mazak VC-300’s Envelope X 16, Y16, Z16.0

Mazak VTC 16’s: Envelope X22.00, Y16.0, Z 16.0

Mazak VCN 410 V Envelope X30, Y16 Z16.0

(2) Mazak VCN 530’s Envelope X42, Y24, Z24

(2) Mazak VCU 500’s Envelope X40, Y24 Z20

Mazak VTC 300 Envelope X62, Y32, Z30

Mazak H4800 Horizontal Machining Center w/ Palletech Continuous Operation

(4) Mazak HTC400 W Pallet Changer 20 x 22 x 16

(5) Pototrac AGE 3 Bridgeport style 3 Axis: Envelope, X14.0 Y14.0 Z21.0

(2) Mill Power Bridgeport style Axis: Envelope X14.0 Y14.0 Z21.0

(3) Haas UMC-750 Trunnion Style 5 Axis Mills X30.0 Y20.0 Z20.0

(2) Haas UMC-1000 Trunnion Style 5 Axis Mills X40.0 Y25.0 Z 25.0

Welding and Fab Equipment

Weld Procedure / Welder Qualification IAW ASME Section IX or Custom Specification

(6) ARC orbital welding Stations  1/8’’ – 0’’ Tube full Penetration up to 3/16 wall.

(2) Swagelok Orbital welding Station 1/8 to 1-1/2” tube Full Penetration to 3/16 wall.

3 Miller Sincrovave 250 Tig Welding Stations

3 Miller Sincrowave 350 Tig Welding Stations


1 Braze Station

(3) Mandrel CNC Tube Benders with Forming Capability up to 1-1/2 inch

Integrated Elbows and Tees****Rolling and Expanding

OMADA 50 ton Press Brake

OMAX 60120 Waterjet X 126.00 inch, Y 62.00 inch Z 10.00 inch

Bodor 5 Axis Automated Tube Laser 9 inch Max Round 6.7 inch Max Rectangle .32 Max SST Thickness

Inspection Equipment

Brown and Sharpe Cmm Envelope X18 x Y24 x Z16 manual

Brown and Sharpe Cmm Envelope X18 x Y24 x Z16 DNC

Brown and Sharpe Cmm Envelope X36 x Y48 x Z24 DNC

Roamer Arm 4’ Supported by PC DMIS and Power Inspect Tube Measuring (8ft Measuring Range)

(5) Brown and Sharpe Tesa Hights up to 28inches

(2) Brown and Sharpe Micro Hights up to 44 inches

Library of over 500 Manual Measuring tools Pins, Mics, Calipers, Inside Mics, Protractors Profilometers ext.

(2) Varian Model 979 Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors

All Inspection Equipment Tracible to NIST


Both Shops Serviced Two Fork Trucks up to 8000 Lbs Capacity

Automated and Manual Saws up to 10 inches round and 24 ft in  length

A fleet of 6 Vans, Pickups, and Box Trucks Servicing Local Customers and Vendors

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